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BLOG TRANSFER http://travelpod.com/members/warrior_daoist 20.01.2011
XuanWu District Beijing! Nice Place! New Shifu Contacted! 04.01.2011
Arrival in Beijing! Early Morning Hotel Hunt Nightmare hah = 04.01.2011
Thoughts on Rising Dragon School, Moving North To Beijing! 12.11.2010
XinQiao/Taining Flood! (Fujian Disaster) 11.11.2010
Rising Dragon Race! (Dragon Boat Festival) 10.11.2010
Rising Dragon Martial Arts School 10.11.2010
The Arrival! Onto Taining, Fujian! 18.08.2010
The Depature! (New Zealand) 18.08.2010
At Last A Nice Weekend Away! Kaikora! 07.06.2010
All Those Months?! What Did You Do =X The Dark Path.... 07.06.2010
Out Of The Mad House! Lets Start Working! 07.06.2010
One week at the mad house =P 06.06.2010
Arrival Of New Zealand!! 06.06.2010
Onwards! Newzealand! Via...Hong Kong! 06.06.2010
Waaah Quick Catch Up =X 30.05.2010
My Humble Abode....(The Bad) 19.12.2009
The Return To Dark Times.... 18.12.2009
Where Ever The Wind Blows..... 17.12.2009
Back To Hampi...Super Elite Ninja Spy Mission Begins! 18.08.2009
Little Ninjas In Nepal! 12.08.2009
Leaving Materialistic West To Materialistic East =/ 10.08.2009
Buddhist Techno Monks?!?! 10.08.2009
1st Visit To Crazy Kathmandu! 10.08.2009
Visa Run!! Nepal!!! 10.08.2009
Absence..... 10.08.2009
Happy In Hampi! 10.08.2009
Unbound!.....The Broken Paths 10.08.2009
The begining of a New Journey! 20.04.2009
The Original Plan! 18.04.2009
The Seperation!! 18.04.2009
Onwards!! To Hampi!! 17.04.2009
Changes..... 17.04.2009
The Monk.... 17.04.2009
Goa Arrival!! Onto Palolem!! 17.04.2009
The Beginning!.... 17.04.2009