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The Seperation!!

The Beginning Of A New Journey Unfolds!

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Hello Everyone!

Right, So Hampi! Yes! Lots of Rocks!
I have no pictures as i have had some Ummmm Camera problems =/...
My brand new Samsung Camera which i bought about 4 Months ago has just given up on me :(, Its in perfect Quality, No scratches etc, But now when i power it up it seems the lens doesn't want to Automatically open, So just turns off :(...Trying to contact play.com at the moment see if i can get it swapped under Warranty...But im in India...the postal service is not too ummm trusty so will have to hope for the best....

But right okay!
If you want to see pictures, It best you check out Pugs profile, hes got LOADS, the budding photographer =D, But yes 2 Nights had passed as originally planned, When i arrived here i really loved the city once i had settelled down with a guesthouse, Because as soon as you have a backpack, you are bombarbed with people saying "You want cheap guesthouse", No matter how many times you say no, They wont leave, But its kind of a good thing, As everyone around starts making the prices lower haha =D, Play the game right =D?

Children Sat Around TV. Watching Indian Dance Competition

Playing A Card Remembering Game, When you have to flip them over? Etc

Shivananda on the left, a lil terror =D And Suresha on the right...Same goes for him =D
This was the first day i met them...

Bhuni Picking Berries!

Whilst i was staying here i found out about "Hampi Childrens Trust", Which is basically something which was set up initially by a few locals and forgien people, And has now been running for near enough 3 years. Basically there is a main school nearby but it is very expensive for locals to send their children there. So usually they will be left out playing on the street, Which is nice to see and a different change from Palolem where the only children you see are forced Beggars. Some children are of course told to go out on the streets selling items to bring in money, be it toys, fruit etc, And they have no choice to go to the Childrens Trust... But that is just the way life is here... But some lucky children do have a choice to go to "Harmony House" as its called and learn and be fed, While their parents go to work etc. I think the school also lets some Local children which go to the Main school to come here while school if off, As i am here in this period but will have to find out.

So i had my eyes instantly set on doing some volunteer work there, and was not going to let anything stop me, So James and my self have now parted ways! Shock Horror! The journey has only begun but this is how destiny unfolds.... I am not too sure on Pugs adventure so far we have been apart for about 2 weeks, So i will get him to make a Blog and let us know he is still alive =D, But the last thing i heard was that he is now flying to Thailand! Due to some minor problems as the next 2 cities he went to from Hampi.




Over the past 2 weeks i have really loved staying here, and have managed to make my budget VERY cheap, To say Hampi is a touristic area i think i have done quite well =D, My room is a nice size, with my own shower/toilet and i even got a lil outside area! all for 80 rupees a night! Which on my side of the river is not bad, The other side is meant to be bit more money to live, Due to the fact you can get alcohol etc over there.

I think i will be staying in Hampi for quite a while yet, also while staying here the idea of getting my own Motorbike has come to into my head, More of this will come later =D As i dont want to go into too much detail....

I will leave another update shortly,
Right now is time for enlightenment! =D
Chai, Chillum and Chapati! hehe


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Onwards!! To Hampi!!

The New Path Begins!

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Hello everyone! Woah have not had much time to write anything,

Things have been good out here and very hectic,

In Palolem, I saw a fight break out between a few guys who work at Club Cuba and this Spanish guy called Carlos, He was basically a Tourist bum on the beach who had been there 2.5 Months, He doesnt work etc, He annoyed me alot hassling me when i span my poi on the beach, Saying he used to be really good at it, But oh my when i handed them over, How terrible he was hehe =D, He has bothered alot of women on this beach, Everyone i spoke to pretty much said they have encountered him, He even asked me for money once i told him, If he had bothered to show some respect and learnt some Hindi in the time he has been here, I MAY have given him some, but no way was he worthy =D.

Anyway the fight! Yes i dont know exactly what happened, But all i saw Carlos was swinging a chair vilontley outside Cuba, he could have easily hit another tourist, He was swinging it towards one of the Cuba workers, He managed to just skim his nose and cut it slighlty, Which made the Cuba uys very angry, He had a small wooden baton with him and hit Carlos straight to the floor, Two other people ran in hitting him also on the floor, Then i saw someone get what seemed like a wooden broom handle and hit his kidney, But i heard a HUGE THUD, that was not wood =D, So i ran in to help stop the beating, The spanish guy was crying! I took the pole off the local only to find out it was sold iron weighing about 4kg?! OUCH?! The guy was bleeding from his mouth shouting "Im gonna kill you" In spanish which i kindly translated for them =D.

The guy is crazy! He comes back the enxt day, but much further away this time, witha wooden pole on his shoulder, As if he was Jesus, chanting crazy stuff on the beach! But meh enough about him. While being in Palolem i also seen everyting in umm a different light =D, I wanted to lighten my load, My backpack, It was a 60-65 Litre But i thought this was too big and i wanted to travel how i alsways seen it, With MINIMAL stuff, like a Nomad! =D, So i went to a stall selling backpacks, With mine which i cleaned up and swapped it for a smaller 45 Litre and a couple hundred Rupees back in my wallet =D So i cant complain, And lets say i though "Hey this is India" and ending up selling a few...Ahem electrical items...Namely my Laptop etc =D, I got a good bargain... But the main reason for this also was when i decided i was going to send alot of stuff back home..... The package guy said "Hey electrical goods not covered at all, If they go missing no cover for insurance, Not safe", Basically saying he could easily steal it lol and i do nothing about it in my language haha =D, So i thought, okay then and sold it outside his shop because he was interested in it =D.

A few days ago we had our first Train ride in India, We left from Margo at about 8am for a 7hr train ride to Hospit, Which was the closest town with a station from Hampi.

Pugs and i went for Sleeper class on this journey as most people we met said that was the way to go, So we found 2 other people who were also going and managed to get the tickets for 272 Rupees each, Not bad but could have been cheaper if booked at the station itself and not the travel agency, But meh....Its such a short journey anyway.

Okay so we were in the train and it set off from the station, Then suddenly 5 seconds from it being started, The train had stopped again, I thought nothing of it, The Mya, A girl who we booked the tickets with to come to Hampi said she saw some hands under the track! I was like waaaah!? So i went up a few Train coaches to see what happened, I saw that it was an elderly local man had fell of the tracks, How he got under the train and not hit by the wheel...I dont know, But it did see quite a bit of blood coming from his head, But other than that he was quite lucky. I even heard some of the local police shouting for his luggage and someone on the other side had made sure they secured it safely for him... But wah what an experience for the first train ride ever in India!

The train ride was real pleasent and nothing like i had imagined it, Chai and Coffee was served constantly, All sorts of different snacks were sold from Hot meals with rice, To a packet of Lays Crisps =D. The 7 hours passed in a breeze and i managed to see many amazing sites, On arrival in Hospit the first thing you notice is, Sooo much greeny, Lakes and Rocks with the odd River =D, But the Geology of it all is amazing! We had originally planned to stay here for 2 nights to check the temple etc and head off with the 2 girls which we met in Palolem (Dimitra and Olivia) onto Bangalore, As they didnt want to travel alone etc because at times it can be harder for a girl and plus we enjoyed their company....

This is what the general Landscape is like!

As soon as we arrived in Hospit station in the train, we were bombarded with Tuk-Tuk drivers who were saying "You want Rickshaw to Hampi" and i tell you they were persistant, This is a time i wish i was traveling alone, well in smaller number as 4 people + can be hectic as people dont know where to meet, You are getting split up etc, To be honest i was getting quite annoyed =D, At this stage i really couldt care less about bartering for 10-20 Rupees tog et out of there =D, But eventually we did.

On arrival in Hampi, Which was more or less about 13-15 Km away from Hospit, We were asked for a 10 Rupee "Tourist Vehicle Entrance Fee" i had not heard of this neither did anyone else, But as above at this stage i really didnt care for arguing =D, This was about 4 Km from Hampi its self so is quite strange, and i have yet to see these people again mind you. Once we finally made it to the town, we were attacked by people asking if we wanted a Guest House, Its not like i hadnt lightened my load already so i looked less like a tourist or a "New" traveller, But still that didnt work =D. We finally managed to find a nice room a bit pricey at 300 rupees, But only 150 each but we wanted to find some where nice for the night to relax and gather our bearings....

Right im gettin really hot now in here, There is a power cut till 6 pm and its only 11am so its starting to get nice and sticky in the buildings lol =D,

Hope everyone is well!
Take care!

Much love From Reggie!
And Mad Dog Pugs Of Course! =D


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Helloooo everyone!

Woooo its been a while since i have been in contact with anyone!
Still am having trouble with uploading pics on here, So bare with me, Or if you have my Facebook, check them out on there,


Quite a few days have passed, and we have not been doing much while on Palolem,
Like i said before there is not much to do here, But just chill...Unless you just want to party 24/7, But that's not my kind of thing =D, Far too loud for my liking...

We have hired bikes a few times and been on a little adventure north, We went to see Cola Beach, Which looked AMAZING! , It was a small secluded beach resort, But then further back they had a lagoon too! Surrounded by Palm trees...An amazing site to see, The lagoon apparently had old volcanic rock under it, So in different areas of it, There was Hot and Cold spots so that was quite different =D, We also went to visit an old Portuguese Fort after a bit of exploring it a bit, We found a little Jungle area which was over-run with trees/plants etc, And we saw Monkeys!

I went to take a closer look to get a picture, As i was sneaking down, I realized that there were FAAAAAR more than just a few Monkeys, Most of them ran up a tree etc and hid, But when i took a picture of one, He came running towards be, So i just ran as fast as i could in the other direction =D,

I am determined to go back there with a bag full of Bananas and become friends with them, I have had my Rabies shot, so what i got to be afraid of =D,
Pugs on the other hand hasn't....So he can be the Camera man =D,

I have not spent my 10 days with "The Monk" yet, as i have met someone else recently who is "More my type" as in the way, He has been brought up with Martial arts, mainly JKD, He has told me of a small village with a good club where i could live/train at next to nothing, So am thinking our 3 month time in India may end up turning into a 9 month trip or so =D, Oh my oh my...Dont you just love it how traveling plans can radically change when you are free =D,

Right i am running out of time as of now,
So will try and get better blog written over the days,
So until next time people!

Peace!...and remember,
Smile!!......Keep the smile in your face......In your heart....
And keep it there always! =D

Check Out My Tan =D


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The Monk....

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A few days have passed, We have setteled in nicely, And have found our local bar, "Big Bananas", Where we have most our food as it most certainly the best, and the people are AMAZING! Namely, Viru and LLoyds who work there, And Amanda who is a Poi spinning teacher from the UK... Viru is going out with her daughter, Viru and Amanda have also known known each other for 7 years, So it confirms that they are trustworthy people,

Right onto..."The Monk"...I cant Believe this! I have always! Always! wanted to meet someone like this in my life! And the first place i come to?! To add to it! "Shane" The Irishman who we shared the taxi with at the airport..is the one who introduced me to him and knew him! There is finally someone who i can happily give that title, Not to his face of course, But in my heart he is msot worthy of being titled that! I would have NEVER have met him if it was not destiny...So to all you non believers! See! The prohpecy is true! hehe, Okay first i will describe "The Monk"...First of all i call him as "Gosh" that is his name, He is originally from a rural part of holland, and has been coming to Palolem for the past 15-20 years.
He lives in a secluded area on the beach, To the very North of it. But which has recently been terrorized by them building a cafe/bar/guest house there, But as the wonder of the world work =D, When the tide is coming in, A river is formed which goes up to neck height, So many people are put off going there in the first place =D.... Fate?!? Indeed.... I do not know much about this man but will say what i do, Basically he started off as a "Hippy Traveller" and got into Yoga, etc, then moving into different areas, His place where he stays when at palolem is all made by nature, He has no roofs, only the bushes and trees around him, No Lighting, Just candles, He will happily sleep outside on the floor with a mat and a mosquito net of course =D, He lives off as much of the things around him, Only sometimes needing to go to town for supplies. Myself and Pugs now do Yoga with him every morning to see the sun-rise which is truly amazing, Definatly worth the 6am wake up =D,

Gosh specializes and in various things,From Tai Chi, Chi-Kung (Energy Cultivation), Mediation, Reiki (Spiritual Healing), Crystal Healing, Go-Chi (Which is his own) and various other things, To have met someone like this to be so one with nature is truly a blessing! After speaking to him more, We are going to arrange a "Retreat" with him, where we will go slightly further into the forest, where his "Bedrooms" are, which are as described as before, And stay there with him for 10 days, Not leaving the site, To learn some teachings and his way....This will truly be something to remember and a life changing experience...

One thing that made me feel all "Mushy" inside, was when i was having a private chat with him, saying that i couldn't believe that I was so lucky the first place i came to on my travels I have already found the man i have been looking for, And the way i found him, was by one random guy at the airport, asking me if i was going to Palolem, and if i was if he could jump in the taxi....
Gosh said "Its not luck ths has happened...It is Energy that brings you here...It is the way it was meant to be"....

That is all i have so far that is worth reporting,
So untill next time all!

Much Love! Reggie And Pugs!


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Goa Arrival!! Onto Palolem!!

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This was a much smoother journey, Once we arrived, we went straight to our bags, we were actually escorted by someone, Whilst waiting for my bag to come through from the plane, A young Irishman, Shane, who i am now proud to say we can call "Friend", He had asked me if we were going to "Palolem", I think we were the first people he asked? Quite strange...But yes as a matter of fact we were, and we split our Taxi fare, Which the people from Chattai Huts Palolem picked us up, It was a 1000 Rupee charge, But this time the ride was about 1.5 Hours long, The Taxi driver and a middle aged teenager were the ones who collected us, They both look after the Huts and Chattais Restaurant, Reception, food ordering etc. These two individuals were great people, We stopped off for a tea, Which cost next to nothing and was great tasting! Then we continued our journey to Palolem,

I really enjoy staying at Chattai Huts, and would Recomend ANYONE to stay here if they come off season as its ALOT cheaper, It is probably one of the safest and friendliest huts i have come across palolem so far, and very trust worthy. We had all settled in by about 8am and even though we had no proper sleep for 36 hours or so, We didnt feel tired and were on an adrenaline High from being here, We spent most of the day checking the beach and different activities, Palolem is more like a "Holiday Beach" For everyone, Locals and Foreigners alike! Come by night time, we were still not tired. So i thought we should have a few drinks and enjoy the nightlife...

I indulged in far more than i should off, Cleverly my Apprentice who i WAS meant to show the way, Said that he didnt think it was such a good idea too drink so much, And head back to the Hut, By then i already had a few drinks, As you all know at that stage i liked to dance =D, It was a headphone party as they have strict music laws here, So it went on till 4am! I unleashed some of my Guernsey Famous moves and made sure that i had more people joining in on the dancing =D,

Once i arrived back to the Hut, in the early hours i went straight to sleep no problem, Bear in mind i had probably only drank the maximum of 1.5 litres of water that day... I woke up 4 hours later, Being sick till there was no end, My first day! It was quite scary really, Then eventually i had nothing else to through up and all that was coming up was bile, Pugs seemed to think it was dehydration so i started drinking water, He went off also to find re-hydration tables and more cold water, Even people around the hotel were worried i was being quite loud =/ i didnt want to annoy people though, I was scared as someone suggest hospital! After a few liters of water, i was still being sick, But much less painful, By about 3pm i had stopped being sick, and stayed in till about 5pm, by then i felt at 80% and was ready to go out and eat a light snack as it was needed, This went down well and i had most definatley learnt my lesson, And also had been put off drinking EVER again like that....That was NOT the way of "The Tao"...
So let that be a lesson to you all =D, Hot countries mean, If your out drinking...STILL drink lots of water!

After that all was well and we have been enjoying the past few days here, As we are on budget we have not indulged in all the attractions, So have spent the past few days, Enjoying the cuisine, Making friends with locals, Poi spinning of course, and an odd gander at the night life based around the beach. Until we move to our next area i dont think there will be much else involved with our lives =D, But all is fine as we are starting to learn "The way of India", ready for when we hit the more rural areas =D.

Here are a few pics.....


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The Beginning!....

The Arrival!! ....Mumbai Manic!!

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Okay okay! Hello Everyone! Not managed to write on here in AGES,
Things have been very hectic since we landed =D, But have finally found our bearings and have settled =D,

Right, Okay, So we left England at 9am to fly to Mumbai airport, What i didnt know when i booked the tickets,
We had to stop in Mumbai for 6 Hours! I fought it was only for 1 Hour =D, Okay, So after a long lengthy flight,
We finally landed in Mumbai airport, At 11pm at night, The heat was soo hot and Humid at night, When we first arrived,
We had been ushered to collect our bags, then we kept following the signs, People were not being too helpful at this time of night,
Which is what i originally was worried for, As Mumbai is not the easiest Airport to handle, Especially first time!
I thought i "Knew the score", But oh i was sooo wrong hehe,

Anyhow, we kept following the signs, only to find ourselves outside the airport, we thought nothing of it, asked an "Airport Guard", he was dressed up etc so he worked there, He said, "No no no, you cant go back in side, Must go to Terminal 2, I will show you", So we thought we could trust him, We followed him to upstairs, while we were going to where he was taking us, He kept trying to make us stay in a hotel, for the time we had to wait and we would also geta paid taxi to the hotel, We kept insisting, No we would ather just wait around at the terminal, As there would be no point to pay a a hotel for a night, Only for 4 hours, This shows that they will get comission also if they took forgiengers there etc. We had been taken to a taxi, He told us the charge was 1000 Rupees (13 GBP), Which thought it was a bit expensive but we didnt know how far we had to go, So off we went, Taxi driver seemed VERY nice, too nice? Asked us if we wanted water, so stopped at a shop, I tried to hide my wallet as best i could, So he didnt see my money, But i also didnt want to look too dodgy that i had to hide something, I knew from there, "Oh Crap", He got me the water dirt cheap, As we were driving he said something about, he would make a reciept so that if we had any problems we knew who to call about the taxi etc. Sounded weird?..Near enough, we get dropped off, writes a bill and charged an extra 300 rupees! (3.50 GBP), As a Night Charge!? Even though we confirmed a price! We were not in the mood to argue so we paid and left in a grump =D,

I made way to an infomation desk, only to find we were taken to the wrong terminal! So i asked the lady who was very helpful, She told me to ask for Terminal 2B, I then also asked here how much i should pay by Tuk-Tuk, She said around 30 Rupees, When i saw that price difference, i knew the taxi was a TOTAL con, Confirmed.... So we went to a Tuk-Tuk, he tried 100 Rupees first, then i got it down to 50, and off we went. This was only a very short ride! So the taxi driver before hand definatly took a longer route, We had arrived at that correct terminal, The security guards to even let us in the Airport were very strict asking questions etc, Then even they said if we would like to go to a hotel!? We said no, had a chat and walked inside....

In the waiting area for the checkin to open up etc, There had been nothing to do, So we had to sit around for the next 6 hours till our flight, Time finally came, We had boarded our plane, And off we fly to Goa! A short 1 hour flight.

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