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Little Ninjas In Nepal!

My Army In Nepal Awaits!

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So, Jenny, The Swedish girl which i have met recently in Nepal had told me of some younger people that wanted "Training"....So of course i couldnt refuse! =D

In the Apartment she lives in, It is run by a family, well various families...It is like a little complex and there are about 7 Children, The oldest about 13-14, He is the one "In charge" of the others...They also train in Karate (Shito-Ryu) which is "same same" as Shotokan. They are all very keen and the oldest one i have been training...Sunil i have become fond of him, as he truly wants to train in the martial arts... Have I Found Another Protege?! lol

I have given them 3 lessons so far, which brings me back good memories of training back at home, and plus they are kids, So i can act the fool at times too and i dont have to get embarrassed =D....

He told me when i leave Nepal...(Maybe Next Few Days) when i return he will be stronger etc and he wants me to train him again, VERY HARD ....So if he passes the test while im here on this short visit, I will make sure that he is made stronger with the time spent with him....Il make sure that he regrets ever asking me =D

I admit though training out here, In Asia well not Asia, But any area that is less "well-off", Has really helped me with my training, I used to think all this equiptment was needed etc, But in reality no it is DEFFO not! Old School Tradition is the way to go....I have always thought this, But when you see a child asking for scraps and cuttings of leather so he can have them stitched together to make him self a pair of gloves, Using cloth for padding...

It really opens up your eyes...and especially....your heart....

Below are a few pics of what we got up to....

DSC00321.jpg DSC00292.jpg DSC00298.jpg DSC00312.jpg

DSC00304.jpg DSC00307.jpg DSC00309.jpg

Here is lil Sabina! She is sooo cute and tried so hard to keep up with the boys, I always let her hit me just to
Make sure she is having fun! =D, As you can see, In the 3rd pic i told her, "Wheres your guard", Sure
Enough, Up her hands go straight away! Awwwww hehe

This kid is sooo hyper active, This is the crazy Ninja boy i mentioned....Posing for the camera =D

DSC00356.jpg DSC00347.jpg DSC00342.jpg
Need to make sure that they are trained hard =D

DSC00359.jpg DSC00362.jpg

Ahhhh! Mission Complete! Time For a rest =D, The 2nd Picture is of 2 people that live in the Apartment complex,
The lady on the right is the mother of 1 of the children, And The girl on the right is the sister of Sabina...
They both love watching the kids beat me up =D, Bah im only here to entertain =D

Well thats all for now people!
SEE! Proof that i am actually doing something out here hehe =D

Take care everyone!



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Leaving Materialistic West To Materialistic East =/

The Search For Enlightenment And Become Master Is Not Easy... Who Said It Was Anyway?

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One more quick rant before the thought leaves my mind...

Okay, living back at home i slowly started caring for so much in Material objects...
Of course i still had a TV, Pc etc... But i mean in the past i would spend my money stupidly on items which i thought i "needed"...

Even being vain etc, I used to care sooo much on how i looked...Too much even, On everything how i acted etc....I wanted to give out an "Image" to everyone....

Slowly over time i realized, that i was only being a fool to myself, Or even lying to myself about who i was if that makes sense? But way i thought, why should a thought like "Oh i cant wear that, they might think i look stupid" etc...Ever go into ones mind?....You should live your life for YOURSELF....not others...you will only grow regretting it...

But then if you "act" like the above...Then you get counted as an "Outcast" in our modern western culture...Everyone wants to look "cool" etc...Dont get me wrong there is NOTHING wrong with looking after yourself etc... But it should not be something that controls your life...

I left home thinking, "Ah the east...where things like that do not matter"....But Boy oh boy was i wrong..Its just like back at Home! Worse in some cases... Okay surly surly i have not been to the most remote places ever....So in shall we say "Popular" areas of course its "Westernized" and it will be same same like back at home... But i didn't expect for it to be so much like so!

I cant wait to finally leave Hampi and head north on my motorbike..Surly then i shall come across the type of "Village" life i have been searching for....I know i have been searching in the wrong places for what i want to experience...

But has the West spread such a disease that we will all "Modernize" eventually and forget our roots?
Or is that just the evolution of man??

Enough for now!
I dont want to get in trouble =D

Take care all!

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Buddhist Techno Monks?!?!

Strange Things Boggle Me....Its Not Like How I Have Seen It In The Movies!!

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Just a short rant here...

Buddhist Techno Monks?!?!

Okay! I always had the dream and thoughts that Buddhist Monks were humble people, Which had learnt that there was no need for material objects...Caring on how one looks etc and to just do good etc..

Okay! first thoughts on seeing them, I thought "Oh these people look well groomed"...Not speaking of hair of course because its shaved but i mean how there clothes and cleanness of them etc....Then i look down to there feet....Hell they got better sandals/trainers than me! lol what is the crack with that?

Okay thats not the main issue, But i have seen so many walk around with Hi-Tec Mobile phones, Decent motorbikes...Walking out of Restaurants....I saw one guy.. (The Dress Code is a Red Robe...With like a Yellow Shirt cloth thing underneath)...One of them didnt have the top half to his robe...and behold i see a yellow vest...with a dragon print on it (The type of shirts you see sold on the streets)...So whaaaaa?!

Where are all these "Donations" etc going to? I thought they were meant to help the needy etc?! I have been very dissapointed with what i have seen, Maybe i was expecting too much from these "Monks"?? Maybe thats just the way it is and is seen in a good way...I dont know! But in my eyes that is not the humbleness i was grown up thinking of...

Meh, "The Way"....That be the best religion to follow.... Which way?....YOUR WAY!

So i have learnt now to not expect much from what i thought this world or Asia will be like, But meh i still have hopes on finding some "True Monks"....

Meh thats enough of my rant for now =D,
Will try and do some Ninja Pics of them in action =D

Take care people!

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1st Visit To Crazy Kathmandu!

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Ooookay then!

So i have been here for about 13 Days or so, And will be staying for another week or so, There goes my plan of only staying here for a quick Visa run, But meh i need to relax after all the hecticness (Is that even a word) in Hampi...

Have been staying in Thamel, Which is kind of like Ko San Road in Thailand, I mean the layout with shops everywhere etc...My Nepali friend i met in Hampi "Mike" told me to stay in Freak Street, which is where he usually hangs. I tried looking for him on 1st day of arrival and forgot his name etc, But described him and people knew him, surly enough met him a few days later. But yes Freak street you can get places there from 100-300 Nepali RS, Depending on your standards, Thamel is a bit more expensive, But its closer to my Karate club so am staying there.

Have not done so much here in Kathmandu, Hired Mountain bikes and motorbikes etc and training, Few little freaky nights out too, But thats not my scene right now as i have to wake up early for Kyokushin...

I have noticed that drinking alcohol and the smoke can take its toll on you eventually if you let it! Mind you the oldest person at this club is probably 17-18....So they are all full fit, Damn youngsters! So this has got my ass in gear to sort myself luckily....But meh they still no match when it comes to bearing pain and sparring =D....When i get back to Hampi i promise myself to be a new man, Only full power healthy food eating and full power training..If i dont! I DONT DESERVE TO BE MASTER! ....When i finally get there =D...

Meh i remember i went out one night, and was like "Feck it! Im not training 2moz i wanna get hammered", Was in a bar till about 2am and had a change of heart... So i left everyone to it and made my way back to hotel....Got there "Oh no, the metal grate doors have been shut"...Was banging on them for 30 mins...No one came! Bah...I didnt want to get to sleep, As its 2:30am, Im drunk and i would never wake up for 6am Training! hahah..So off i went hanging around the streets with Taxi Drivers...Rickshaw drivers etc, Having lil smokes till the early hours....Come 5:30am, The doors opened! YAY!...Karate Teacher opens them (he lives in same hotel)....NOOOO Not good, he looked puzzled with me standing outside...I explained and said no worried! i will make it for 6am! And so i did =D...Wah what a test that was! Crashed out after training till night though =D

I have made friends with Jenny, a Swedish girl who has been living in India/Nepal for past few years and studying...She had shown me around various different "towns" and sites in Kathmandu Valley, as she was moaning at me for atleast not looking around =D....She lives in an Apartment/Local Family House....and there is a group of children in her area which do Karate...They only have 1 morning class everyday and have a tournament on the 28th and want extra training....Jenny has asked if i would like to do it =D....I have 1 week to turn these lil guys into mini warriors =D... So will update how that goes!

Other than that not much else to say!

So take care people!
Hope all be good!


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Visa Run!! Nepal!!!

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So as i was busy running around Hampi and chilling,
I forgot one thing....VISA EXPIRY! ...Luckily i checked in time but JUST....

Making it quite expensive for me, well not the end of the world but i would have saved some bucks!

I checked my passport like 5 days before Visa was ending and i didnt want to push my luck by travelling by land, so i had to take the Air Train :( (Plane)....Making it costing 10,000 Rs Instead of 2,000 Rs or so...So that SUCKS! On my way back i am deffo going by land, Save the money! I need to at this time, All my hope is going to this Resturant making my money back...If not il be seeing you guys back at home soon! hehe

So yes, Had a little mini adventure on my way to Nepal and got there in 1 night, Wowowowo Nepal...
What can i say! Flying into its region i was amazed by the scenes! It was beautiful! (I didnt have a camera with me so no pics :(! ).....But arriving in the airport and getting my Visa on arrival was plesant...I met some torusits and asked where i should go in Kathmandu...All saying "Thamel" as its the touristy area...

Walking around here, NEARLY reminded me of Thailand...just the layout etc...anyway i decided i needed a small cheap an nasty digi cam so i take more pics, I found a small shop and asked if they had any laying around...Luckily...They did =D...I dont know the story behind it, But it was a Sony Camera...no scratches on the LCD screen but a tiny one on the front of camera...Hell i dont care, so he gave me near enough 50% discount...No box or recipet mind you =D, But i like to take a chance =D....

Okay..Been here for about 12 Days so far, I have made a few local friends...and yes...Found a Karate school lol...Luckily..Kyokushin =D, I have asked its also possible for me to compete here =D....But thats the next chapter! lol,
I have hired Mountain Bikes and Motorbikes for a few of the days and gone on long outings...i have pics too! Yay! (Will upload them later lol).... Have applied for my Visa (I was lazy and got a local to do it for me...But it only cost me like 5 Notes more, So Meh =D)....I went through a little lazy period here, But got my ass in gear and training again...Waking up at 5am! lol ...But meh i needed a lazy period since things were so hectic back in Hampi...

I will be going back to Hampi *sigh* within the next week or so...

Right thats enough for now...
Another update shortly on Nepal!

Take care all!


The Super Ninja!

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The Mist In The Mind Clears....

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Woah Okay!

It seems i really am not good at this "Blogging" stuff,
I have learnt also that i ramble ALOT! Those that know me in person, know i need all my expressions etc so i can get the full story across! Using a computer screen is just not the same!


So whats in been 4 months? i shall wrap this all up in a Nutshell....

Okay where do i start?!

Right! Okay, I have decided to take on a new Martial Arts Discipline, Kyokushin Karate seems to be quite big out here, After doing a bit of internet research the style seemed to draw me in, I found myself a teacher in Bangalore which is an 8th Dan, Where he was graded i do not know....

I spent a week in Bangalore to meet the teacher and students, The type of training was what i was after in hopes of rekindling my Gung Fu Spirit! (Alot has happened these days and i feel lost at times)... I had a few sparring sessions with them and they were happy for me to compete as their team.... There was an all india state Kyokushin Tournament to be held in July... But this was cancelled due to one of the main Karate teachers in India passing away, So has now been moved to Novemember...I was sooo looking forward to it, But in a way its good because i am not to my old strenght yet and need the time to get there, and surpass the old Reggie.

The Resturant has been coming on well, it is near enough finished, when i return to Hampi we will be near enough on our way to opening, I think another 2 weeks from when i return for it to be fully ready....Finally a portion of stress will leave me! =D

HCT...Okay, i have been helping out loads here, and have now made a website for them also...CHECK IT! http://hampichildrentrust.com its not all finished yet, but had to get it online. My feelings for Hampi have somewhat changed after being there a few months, And i kind of regret staying here, But i have comitted my money into something so i cant back out now...I shall use this time of me being stuck there to train myself surpassing the Reggie that left Guernsey!

So there is no need to get down in the dumps, Whats done is done and all happens for a reason. But after being here for so long and seeing what the people are like etc, This is not the India i wanted to see, So now i will keep myself to myself, Giving little help to HCT with giving the founder computer lessons etc and focus on my training.

I have had to go to Nepal to get a new Visa also, Have been here for the past week, But i shall leave that for another blog... Trying to keep these things short a sweet now =D,

Hope all is well people!

Take care!
Mucho Luvo

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Happy In Hampi!

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Wooooah im not keeping good at updating these!
But have beeeeen reeeeeally busy lately trying to sort out many a things,

Okay! Soooo! Helloooo everyone!
Hope all has been well, I have not got my diary with me, and with all thats been going on i struggle to remember what happened within the past hour =D,

So i will give a little update, from what i can remember off the top of my head, and just to prove that i am still alive and kicking out here =D!

Okay! sooo lets see,
Today i signed up a Malligi, for 1 years subscription, Basically its a posh hotel in Hospet, But its got a REALLY nice swimming pool and a good gym, So to keep in shape i decided to pay in advance for 1yr so i will use it! Gung fu training begins now!
Its a nice place for sure, But i will stick to local water there as its 23 Rs for 1 bottles as apposed to 14 Rs in a normal shop etc =D, But i have been getting to know the people there so....Hmmmm Indian price soon please =D?

If anyone speaks to me and i have not been training you have permission to go to my bank account and clear it =D, Hehehe,

Things at the trust is going well, I have been given my own RED pen! w00t that means i can mark their English work =D, Im feeling more part of the team now =D, Kali, Who runs the HCT, has been getting more friendly with me and we are becoming good friends, He is happy that i am willing to help so much, The last Admin who was there for 18 months or so was good, But not Reggie good! haha ! Need to bring some Ninja energy into this place!

I have decided to go 50/50 on a new PC for the trust, I will get free internet connection from it, and can use it when and as i like, So i am more than happy to help. It will make things much easier for them in stead of writting 20 or so exams for the children each time by hand etc, I will also build the HCT a website, as they are using Myspace at the moment and its not getting out there so well. So keep your eyes peeled on the Hampi google search =D.

The resturant "Business" is coming on well, We have bought quite a bit of material, 41 20ft poles of wood, well Tree branches/ trunks what ever and 20, 12ft bamboo pieces, We had to leave it all at a nearby village about 1km and carry them on our shoulders. If the locals saw it all being brought in by truck and especially with me there, It would cause alot more hassle than its worth, As other locals can get jealous etc, So not many people in Hampi will know im in partnership with Pampa, I will post pics soon of the area we got, Tis nice!

We have also had to strip the "Trunk" bit of the wood off the poles so we get down to the nice fresh, looking part, We had to use basically these overgrown knife things to strip it off, We have done about 10 so far, all i can say is OUCH, Blisters on the hands or what! But meh its Gung fu training! Hai!

There is apparently a few sports karate tournaments held in Karnataka which is the Indian state (Region) i am in. So i am looking into this as i want to test my power! Hai!

Right thats enough for now!

Take care people!
Hope all is well!

Much love!

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Unbound!.....The Broken Paths

The World Can Be A Confusing Place....Or Should I Say... The Mind...

sunny 35 °C

Hello everyone!

Just a quick update, I will write a proper one soon, But have been very busy as of late! and my first Kickboxing lesson is to be done today in 20 mins! =D

Ohhh okay then! Soooo where do i start, Yes this whole adventure thing...
Right well, while being here i have learnt that "Planning" your trip can only go so far, I mean within a month me and Pugs have already split up and he is now is going to be going to Oz i think =D,

My little one month chill out in Hampi, May now turn semi permanent, I will travel North India, but not as soon as i thought i would, So now i think i will take things by the minute...the "True" way,

There is always things going on in life THAT VERY SECOND, Life be too beautiful to day dream all about the future...you do this all your life..you will forget about the NOW!!...

Okay so what am i going to do in Hampi?
Right, Many people here are now starting to call me "Gung Fu Baba" or "Pulsar Man" because of my bike and people have now seen the Inja within me...That can only be hidden for so long =D,

So i have plans to stay in Hampi... I believe this Town is small enough, for some crazy ass fool like me to give energy to everyone and make a difference! =D.....ONE MAN CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! who else says otherwise has been lying to them selves all their lives,

I am currently speaking to someone about Leasing so land for 1yr, with this land i had planned to make a "Thai boxing school", made from Bamboo etc =D, The HCT (Hampi Children Trust) are giving m full support with this, They will even help me out with getting som equiptment maybe, Get some weights etc, make it like a small gym.... Many people in this town are interested to train, I have made friends with a Gung Fu teacher in the closest city from here Hospete, Who tells me there are national tournaments held every so often, And its possible to gain money from it, He wants our "schools" to join etc, This is a nice idea, it will give some of the teenangers here off the streets, something to look forward to, and possibly bring some money home, I will do lessons DIRT cheap for locals as i dont want money, hell even rice and fruit will be accepted =D,

Right then there is part 2....I have spoken to many locals, trying to find one who is the most "honest" and true with good karma, i think i have found the one man after many conversations, He is called Pampa, he owns a good size bit of land, RIGHT next to the Hampis river, he has his bamboo shack there and a small clothes shop, He is a family man with 5 girls.. He told me that he didnt smoke, drink nothing, only ciggys, i of course didnt believe him, but after some Ninja checking with others, it turns out he is telling the truth! Nice for an Indian man....

We have been talking about ripping down his area and bulding from anew a Resturant, for us both to make a living 50/50, i have done many tests with this man to test his honesty...I am not stupid guys =D, And i think he is the one, I have been eating for free the past few days, with Pampa and a few other locals who i will be teaching "Gung Fu",

It is so nice and different to eat with the local familes, The food is not THAT spicy, and im getting pretty good at eating with me Right hand now, NO MORE SPOONS! =D lol, But i am finally getting taste of REAL INDIAN culture and LOVE it,

If the resturant works i plan on supplying the Children trust with a few items every week etc from profit, be in food, veg, books, pens etc, I will be known as Hampi's Baba =D,

But wwwwooooah thats enough for now!

I hope all is well people! =D

Take care!

Much Love!

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The begining of a New Journey!

A new member has now joined my Journey! My Pulsar 150-DTS-i Motorbike! =D

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Well hello everyone!
Yes im still in Hampi, and have been for the past Month or so now, Just shows how good it is to make plans,
What was meant to be a 2 Day visit, Has now turned into something i want to call home!

I dont know what it is, The small village, The AMAZING geography, All the temples, But i just love this place, and would really like to help it in someway in the Future, but hell! Thats will be on my 2nd Pilgrimage, For now im scouting Asia to see which part i want to feel most "Connected" too with my future life.

So a few days have now passed, a looooong week of searching for a Motorbike has now come to end! Just yesterday i spotted the Bike for me! in Gangavati about 25km from Hampi in a Sunday Bike Market, where all sorts of different bikes were being sold. The journey to Gangavati was the BEST, the bridge to there collapsed many years ago, So a small group of people have made, you could say "Home made boats", Which were made from Bamboo shoots being basket wove together, and then on the outside some sort of Plastic bag material was used to make it "Water-proof"! Water slowly creeps in, but not enough to make it Sink hehe.The bikes crossed the river, about 50-60m in these things! And not just one bike, They put 3 in at a time! and a few foot passangers, To put a better picture in your mind, it was basically a flexible coconut shell chopped in have, like a bowl =D... I will take a picture sometime!

I will also post a picture of my new shiny shiny bike =D, Well its 2nd hand but you know what i mean =D,

So i am now sure what my plans are as of yet,
I really love this Village and have found out a lot of local life by being here, I have definatly made some good friends, and contacts while being here, "Bamboo Chillout Resturant" is the place to be in Hampi =D.

As far as i know, I will be heading North to Nepal, But which towns i stop along the way i dont know,
I am also thinking of doing the Menali-Leh highway, which opens next month with a group of bikers, Its meant to be one of the BEST roads in the world to see amazing sights! I am meant to meet Veru, My friend i met at "Big Bananas" in Palolem Goa, as he works there in the North when Goa is "Off-Season" so i can go Skiing in India!! and stay up there for a cheap price =D, So Happy Hampi Karma be working =D,

Right thats all for now!
Remember people!

Happy Hampi Karma!

Take care all!


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The Original Plan!

I should have put this at the begining, But i was not going to make a blog on here originally, So heres a lil extra read =D

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Renate Gouveia, I was born in 1986 in the small island of Guernsey, I had always been interested in Martial Arts, And partly blame my dad for recording cartoons at the end of the tapes, I had not known of the reverse button at the time =D, But still i am most grateful the influence my father gave me in the Martial arts, As i would not be the person i am today,

I myself am Portuguese, And can admit that sometimes growing up here i felt out of place, and while i would like to say i had a hard time because of my nationality, But compared to some others in the world i had it easy. But still because of this it urged me more to train, I started training in Shotokan Karate,my sensei was Vlade Zekavica at the time,He has shown me a lot of discipline in my training,I achieved 1st Kyu,And then moved onto more free form style like Kickboxing eventually breaking out into Muay Thai, This was introduced to me by my most recent teacher Dave Hyett.

But i also hope, With what i learn while i am out there about the world, That it may also bring knowledge to others, and open to eyes of people who are too afraid to look past their own reflections in the mirror, We are all too comfortable in our own lives, Some of us think that our lives are so terrible, When In reality, It is literally a dream come true to probably over half the people in this world, Greed has consumed a lot of people, Nations competing against Nation to be better in certain areas than that of others, When really we should all be combining to help others that are in need,

I mean, I am all up for monumental statues etc, But this most recent thing baffles me, I mean building a HUGE horse next to the motorway, I heard the cost for this is something stupidly high, Could the money not go to better use? Like society? You may call me crazy....
But somewhere along the line...Humans have REALLY screwed up and instead of thinking forwards, Maybe they should start taking steps backwards?

  • Note* This part below was written before we split up on our travels, Ooooh that sounds a bit dodgy doesnt it?

I mean before we..."Parted our ways..." =D

Whats the plan?! This adventure is going to hopefully lead us all over Asia, Hopefully to learn a thing or two about life...We are all too used to the comforts of our lives to even think about what is going on in the other side of the world. People moan and winge that their life is so bad when in reality it is only minor with what others deal with, Too many people only care for themselves, This is not the case with everyone of course, But everyone thought "I am going to help at least one other today" the world would be such a better place.

We are going to try and do as much charity work as we can so we can see what life is really like =D. The main reason for myself is to learn even more Gung fu! Hai, So my mission in life can go on its way to completing, Guernsey will be recognised in the Martial Arts! Of course not to mention, Im am sure there are some heavy parties out there...Ahem...while we search for our enlightenment =D

Where are we going? More like where are we not going =D? This trip is going to hopefully take us around all, If not most of Asia...We are going to start in India then head North to Nepal/Himalayas/China/Mongolia/China then back south to Vietnam/Laos/Thailand etc hopefully getting as far as the Indonesia, We are going try to and stay on land as much as we can and try to travel by Bus/Train etc, Just like the locals =D, So i will have to keep Mad dog on his leash =D...

So take care everyone!
All the best!


Reggie...The Super Ninja..
Where Ever Danger Lurks...Its Said He Will Be There....

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