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All Those Months?! What Did You Do =X The Dark Path....

Heheh yes i was hear for so long, I seldom updated my blog...Also i feel like i lost track...

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Hello All!

Right so i have now been here for 8 months or so?! What the hell did i do,
I hardly updated my blog, was i that busy?! Truth me told...Certainly not.....

Sure i been t a few surrounding areas...But most of my time was involved with working, staying in saving money and trying to train....But that was hard with minimal motivation...

It was good times and rough times staying in NZ,
I got back into better form than i was upon first arriving from India after being ill,

I had trained at a Kyokushin Karate club for a short while i was here which i really enjoyed but then after a while didnt enjoy the vibe too much, So then found a Seido Karate club which is a break off branch from Kyokushin, The club was awesome! While the times i was not working, i was hitting every session i could there, Which was usually more than to a day, On Sundays it was pretty much 3 hours solid training....It was great i was feeling alive again!

But then one thing came in the way,....Work..... The hours i worked really did clash with the training times so i found myself unable to carry on training with them, Its a shame also that club was really good, I felt so welcomed there, and it was a great feeling.... I was feeling back in form also,

I remember them asking me to perform a Shotokan Kata, as they had noticed i had done Karate before, I was so nervous to do it in front of all the class, But the teachers there seem quite pleased with my performance and they all complimented me, Which was great, So i thank Vlad very much for his Karate instruction to me! heheh,

I remember sparring with some of the guys there, I was quite on form, and was pleased with my performance, But when i started working again, IT was annoying as it clashed so much,

Eventually i had another period where i didnt work , I joined a Muay Thai club, it was really well kitted out, I was moved into the Advance class which was nice, But the club felt too "structured" like a business, I ended up working again and having to leave training there, Little did i know i had to pay an ETC fee for the contract and also pay for the "free kit" i recieved hahah, So i felt that was a bit of a joke,

I remember getting invited to spar, And it was one guy who looked like he was one of their "fighters" , I had asked him this and i was right, Anyway i could tell he was going to want to prove a point, And in the ring i didnt like his attitude, I remember he hit me once, which i thought was OTT for sparring, so i remmber giving him one back , A nice uppercut on the chin, he didnt like that one, eventually the Teacher stopped the spar, he kept on telling us to "calm down" , But if they other guy is lashing for me sure i will hold my ground too....

Other than that i really didnt do much to be honest, I tried to do some training at home, also, at one point i was on the form of the life of my life, but when i stopped going to the classes due to work, I decided to loose motivation...

To be honest i got into a dark deep hole of myself...The lifestyle here was getting to me...
I turned lazy and hate myself for it...I lost alot of focus, And was disapointed in what i had done, I had too much time to think, and the own mind can destroy your self at times.... But i had the rest of my trip to look forward to so i guess that made me happy....

But so far i dont feel like my mission is NO WHERE Near complete....

Wow that was enough of a blarb!

Hope all is well guys!

Take care!


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Out Of The Mad House! Lets Start Working!

After a little while of Searching Pugs and i had found an apartment which suited our needs, And off it began to earn some $$$ =P , But not an easy task it was....

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Hello all!

Phew finally catching up on my blog,
Hahah yes im still alive =P

Right, So after a little while of searching,
Pugs and i found a place about 15 mins walk away, Which was also closer to town,

The rate was for 250$ NZ Per week, So @ 125$ each p/week it was not such a bad price to say it was fully furnished and had all we needed, So we were glad to get a place like that...

We got out self BB Hooked up and also rented a TV , as it was going to be looooong months of staying in to save up some money to continue our travels, NZ is a beautiful place, But Christchurch is not such an easy place to find a well paid job if you are working on a Temp contract,

So we had to work through various Temp Agencies,

My first work was doing random manual and labour work for Coverstaff, which paid the lowest, I remember sometime having to skate like 10km to get to work, And on the wages i was on it was not such a nice incentive, I also had a BMX also, But if you dont wear a helmet over here you can also get penalised, Also a BMX was not so nice for a long ride...So i happily skated away to work hahah, I could not hack much longer working for Coverstaff as they situated me in different areas all the time...Without a car it was not so fun,

I ended up working for a Camper Van company for a short while also but that didnt last to long, As they seemed to not be busy at all, and sooner of later got laid off,.....

Hahha i never thought i would say this, i even applied for a Sales job for a Broadband company, OH MY GOD hahah, i thought i would never sell my soul to the Devil hahah, But i worked for Telstraclear, I dont know how i blagged the interview as i got no experience, But i got the "gift of the gab" so they call it hahaa, I stayed there for about a month or 2 ,But i was not pulling me weight as i didnt enjoy the job, I dont like to sell products or mislead people, So sooner or later i would loose that job, I was not focused on it and had my mind else where,I was just enjoying the easy money hehhe,

After that i then applied for the same company but as Customer services, This is the job i kept until leaving New Zealand, At first it was an ok job, But as we got told to take on more responsibilites at the same wage (whichw was very low) There was not incentive, But still i needed the the job so kept it up, Working there was quite nice. As the team of temps i were with were wicked, and we had some good times there, I became good friends with Fraser, who was a scottish lad, Who is the person that invited me to Kaikora, which i will explain about later,

So thats a rough nut shell of the work i was doing here, Was not so fun hehe,
But it had to be done!

Hope all is well!

Take care people!


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One week at the mad house =P

Heeheh so i will be staying at Dannys place while i get my feet in New Zealand, Interesting place it was heheh =D

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Heheheh ok,

So i have been New Zealand a short while now for a few days,
I tell you what....

Its sooooooooooo cold!!!! Hahahha from coming over from India, to New Zealand winter, I tell you DAAAAMN!

What a climate change heheheh, I didnt have much warm clothes so Pugs gave me a jumper of his which was too small for him, I still use it to this day hehehe, And also i had to get a few basic supplies for "The Warehouse" which was like a budget shopping mall to get all the things i needed, Like Towels and bed covers etc, We walked down there, and Pugs gave me a hand to carry all the stuff back,

It was a bit of a hefty walk =P,

Hehhe staying at Dannys was like a party house, But what do you expect with 5 guys living there, Heheh it was ok for a couple days, But i didnt want to spend my Days in New Zealand like this, Hehheh and there was DubStep being played 24/7....

Dont get me wrong i love the music, But no need to blare the same type all day everyday surrly? I mean yes practise mixing but waaaah not 24/7, Hehehe our room was right next to the decks also, So if you wanted an early one...No chance =P Unless your a deep sleeper like me hahaha, The room Pugs and i stayed in was small and i slept on the floor for the most time, As i was not going to buy a matress, As long as i got a duvet cover im good to go :P,

Hehhe i tell you what though, Since coming from India, to living off basic foods then coming here to see all these bakery and sweet shops or "Dairy's" it was like heaven hahaa, I always loved my sweets, and daaaamn i tell you i ate FAAAR too much for the first few days hahah, I guess i needed to as i lost alot of weight in Asia due to being ill, So i had to put on some weight hehe,

Anyway staying at Danny's i decided enough was enough and was time to make a move soon, So we decided on getting our own place and getting our head down to find work and make some money, So surly we would move out shortly, As i could not see myself getting into a "work mode" in that environment....

Waaaah another small update done...Phew!

Hope all is well!

Take care


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Arrival Of New Zealand!!

Finally the time has come, I have arrived in New Zealand! What a Culture Shock it is!! =D

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Hey guys!

Heheh i am trying to catch up on my blog, So when i get to China, i will be able to put interesting updates again!
Woooooooooohooooooooooooooooo haah =D

Ok so i arrive in Auckland!
The culture shock still had not quite hit me yet, But it was sure and nice and welcoming place,
I had to get a connection flight to Christchurch But unfortunately since my flight from HK had left slightly late, I had missed my connection flight so then i had to catch the next one,

I had lost out on some money, Because the next flight was double the cost of the one i had originally booked, But i had to go so i had booked a seat on that one, I had called Pugs to let him know of the delay, So all was good,

I remember rushing so fast upon landing but all the process were taking so long to leave the airport so i had a feeling there would be a delay,

And sure enough there was =P,
Heheh it was a bit boring sitting around But i had no choice, Then finally the time came to take my short flight to Christchurch! wooooohooooooo hehehe,

Upon arrival, I called Pugs straight away, He was there waiitng with a wagon which he had bought, It was a nice welcoming there, Danny was there also, But he didnt remember me from school haha, I guess i did look different, I think he thought i was from India though hahaha, Anyway when i was in the car, I guess this is when the culture shock finally kicked in....

It was SOOO MUCH like ENgland, scary...From the roads, to the trees just the layout of everything and the shops etc, It was a good and bad feelings hehehe, But i did need a break from Asia to recover as i had got into an unhealthy state =X,

We drove back to Danny's house and i shared a room with pugs, As i had no where to stay and was not sure on what our plans would be, But i planned that once i was back on my feet to get some work and start to earn some money....

But there were to be some days had staying at Dannys =D

Take care all !

Hope all is well!


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Onwards! Newzealand! Via...Hong Kong!

The time has finally happened for me to leave India!! Onwards to New zealand!

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Hey guys,

I have not updated my blog for so long,
Because well i have not had much to say since i have been in New Zealand,
As most of my time here has been spent working hehehe,

Anyway, So i finally leave Bangalore aiport, Which i remember being quite a plush place, And jumped onboard onto the plane to New Zealand! Via Hong Kong,

I arrived in HK Airport...WOWOWOWOW what a place, Its very modern and cool, It was an awesome place,
But WOW Expensive hahahha, Far more expensive than i imagined,

The people were great, there was even free wireless network spots which was awesome, So i spent my time wandering around the airport, Looking at views of HK city from the aiport....I didnt take any pics here just incase i got in trouble heheheh,

But i kind of felt "out of place" in HK hehe, there i was rocked up in my sandals etc, and my travel gear heheh, Compared to most smartly dressed hehehe, of course there were the odd travellers around also =P, But i think not many in their sandals hahaha,

I didnt eat much here, as snacks were pretty damn expensive i had a meal then kept it as that, and waited for my next flight to Auckland....

Honk Kong Airport is such a nice place, and the surrounding city is outstanding, The amount of buidling which were Huuuuuge!, It really shows the VAST improvements of this part of the country, And i had felt just like staying there, heheheh and going straight to China! But hahha, Pugs was waiting for me in New Zealand! and i missed to see a similar face hahahah,

So thats the short up date for now on this part =D

Take care all!
Hope all is well!


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Waaah Quick Catch Up =X

Heheh Not much has happened Since i have been in NZ, Mixed feelingsand strange thoughts =P But finally getting back on path =D

sunny 28 °C
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So i have had to leave Hampi, Via Bangalore,

That was an interesting experience, it was nice to be in "City Life" i guess, and also bad...

So noisy and so many people around hehehe, But what do you expect?
I did a bit of hotel jumping when i was around there, As it was not easy to find a cheap place to stay, and hell it was annoying having to lug around with my bag in the city heat =P, Especially back in the "Mubai crazy tourist hassle mode", But meh, as long as you ignore most, You get by just fine....

It seems when ever you got your backpack on is when your the target hahaha,

I stayed at one place in Bangalore it was GREAT! Im trying to remember the name, I will get back to this and update the name when i dig out the card, But it was a great place! Well mainly because one of the hotel staff members, He gave me his mobile number to call him once i arrived close by, As soon as i got in the building, he grabbed me a free bottle of cold water and showed me to my room =P It was plush... =D, Luxury =P...

Waaah i just remembered the hassle i had in Bangalore trying to get my Visa for New Zealand, When i first arrived to Bangalore, i had to go to one part, It was pretty expensive area....To get my Chest X-ray for Visa application for NZ, I remember the stress i had of going back and forth area to area, Trying to find somewhere, Een going upstairs to dingy dorm bedsits in massive buildings, where the budiding was shut down haha, Only to find a desk at the top with a receptionist to say... "Sorry full"...More like your a tourist go away...

I only wanted a cheap deal haha and nearby to the doctor so that i could spend as less cash as i could =D, i ended up getting that done, And that is when i head to the hotel that i am talking about previously....

But yea he grabbed me water, got settled in, The guy was a bit too friendly ehehehe, But it was great to have someone like that again =D, We kept on haing good chats on his breaks from work and he kept me occupied =D, On the weekend he inited me to go to his place, which was about 1hr motorbike ride away, I surly agreed...Change of scneary and all =D, The motorbike ride there was sooo scary at night! He was such a dodgy driver! haha =D,

His place was nice, we just chilled had a few beers and what not, Then back to the hotel the day after, The ride in the day time was even more scary haha, Because i could see all the other cars hahah,

So i stayed at the hotel a few more days,
Then came the time to finally take the flight to New Zealand!! wooohoo!

Via..Hong Kong hhee,

Whew whats enoug of a random glarb =D i will try find some pics of this time hhehe,

Take care all!

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My Humble Abode....(The Bad)

These were my living conditions for a number of months...As i tried to live it as "cheap as possible"....

sunny 27 °C
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Upon returning from Nepal, As you know now, I already had some dreadful news,
The fist couple of weeks of returning to Hampi, I tell you what took ALOT of getting used to, It was just sooo strange with the recent passing away of the girl. I feel a fool at times myself,

I kept thinking, If ONLY i didnt stay in Nepal longer than i thought..Would i have been here to think "Oh i wonder how Naga Laxmi is doing"...And gone to check on her at her home, I helped a few children with some nasty cuts that they had, Whose parents could not afford the Hospital fees. I tell you what i learnt how to stomach alot of nasty icky cuts while being out there haha!

Ok back onto the point, For the first part of me staying in Hampi, i was staying at the HCT (Hampi Children Trust)...I was being provided with free accommodation and 3 meals a day, So it helped ALOT with my budget. After time in staying in Hampi, I had my crazy ideas with the Restaurant, and then finally decided to rent a bit of land for myself. As i needed an area to train etc.

I had rented some land off a local, Which included 2 rooms and a "Bathroom/Shower-room", Of course it needed work but it was cheap. I had to pay 1yr in advance, But i was paying about 50p a day for it, I thought i would have been there for that time also. If worst came to worst it would be easy enough to pass the lease onto someone else.

The thing is, I had planned of working on it and finishing it as soon as i arrived back, But this was not the case, I got real busy and did not have all the help i wanted. So i had to move straight into it. Also i got quite ill at the time, I think i probably had food poisoning on and off for 3 months, It was NOT a nice experience. It truly was a test of Will...

Bellow are some of the pics of inside, I will try and find some before and after pictures on the outside area also.


As you can see my "Living" room was pretty basic, I was trying to live as cheap as possible due to investing in the resturant, There was no mattress on the floor, Just a couple Yoga mats, No windows, I had to buy a desk fan to circulate air as it was so hot. But i DID have Electricity heheh =D.

But the worse thing was the toilets, I had planned on having these finished by the time i got home, But Uggggh! I never got round to it, and boy do i regret it. I had been using a "Public Toilet" most of the time, which was kept clean at all times. I paid them a small amount each month so i could shower also any time. But it shut at 8pm, So if i needed the toilet after then, It became a problem.

Below are pics of my "Toilet" and "Wash Room"...The Mess in there is NOT from me hahaha, But as you can see, It was not a nice site...And i was at times sick with Food poisoning...Late at night...I had no choice...But to go there :(


So with all this coming to mind, And the stress of having to be "Secret" all the time, It got a all a bit too much, I was out here to volunteer and help people yes. But my main mission was to achieve maximum in my martial arts! I had my mind set to compete in an "All India National Kyokushin Karate Tournament" ...As part of the Bangalore team. But with all this, I felt i was growing weaker physically by the second. At times i had to go without food for a couple days, Live off bread. It was not fun.

Most of the hospitals did not want to know, I did manage to find a good doctor, But decided enough was enough after alot of thinking. I decided it was time to spread my wings and move on... But there was so much to loose and sell , As i had invested in so much, But it was that....Or my health and power....That is something that cant be bought...

Take care all!

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The Return To Dark Times....

Life...It Has Many Mysteries...How It Works Is Unknown...People Believe In Gods Doing...I Have Learnt Not To Praise My Life To Such A Thing....

sunny 30 °C
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I was Happy to return back to Hampi,

Kathmandu was not my type of place but my my, What a thing to return too :(,

Naga-Laxmi, a GREAT girl from the HCT (Hampi Children Trust), Had passed away... R.I.P my girl, She was an AMAZING being, with such a future for her. I remember seeing her hand-writing it was AMAZING! I was afraid for her to pick up my bad habits, I admit it was better than my own! This girl was amazing with the conditions she had been brought up in, She was only the age of 13 yrs old :(.

She was the the "leader" of the children, The backbone of the group, she helped me soooo much! Because of the language barrier with some of the children, It was hard to control all of them, And My GOSH, there were sometime when i was alone with them...Trust me they are ALOT to handle...Even for a Ninja...But Naga-Laxmi was there...Though at times it took bribery with sweets hehehe......

The Beautiful Girl To The Left Is Naga Laxmi....Bless Her Soul...

But hand on my heart, she was a GREAT person, that did not deserve this, She ended up catching Malaria (which was not the killer), Apparently it was "Tungee" i am not sure how it is spelt, But it was meant to be the cause :(...Though i have some thoughts on my head, This is not where they will be posted...

From this moment...No i have always been skeptical on "Gods", To my opinion there is no "One" God, no...So many cultures, and so many religions in the world...To say one is correct over another is like ...Hmmm you not what, I dont think i am even "Enlightened" enough to even answer that one.... That is why i am out here, "To find the answer, That i dont know im searching for"....It would be Naive of myself to answer this now....

But back to the point, I went to India expecting too much i think, I did not go everywhere no, But still.....But maybe i was brought up on too many movies haha =D, What i HAVE learnt....

People that spend too much time praying to their "God"...Are weak themselves, Why have to put such factors into something that may not be there....Instead be strong, Stand up...And take matters into your OWN hands....Be your "own god"....Yes for some it may not be as easy as others.... I cant say i experienced the WORST of life...But as you will see later you will understand more.....But still, Why spend life, being down? What we have been given is a gift...Make the MOST of it!...Then you will be truly happy...

That is why i am now trying to follow the "Dao" ...Or Tao...Taoism...The symbol tattooed on the back of my neck, It translates as "The Way"...Or "The Path"....Which path? My path! The Path of the warrior!...Hmph! This does not mean a man of anger, rage, born to fight... No i believe, It is to be a true person .... Honor...Put yourself before others...As long as not too much risk...Learn respect....most of all HUMILIATION.....yes one of the worst things we dont want to know...Yet one of our BIGGEST weaknesses... I have yet to learn in this "Path of Life"...But that is one thing, If we can learn to accept this...thing created by mankind "Humiliation" you would be surprised how much more in life can be accomplished...

That will be enough for this write...I do not want to spoil things by writing so much,

I hope those to that eventually read this, will at least be able to learn something....

I hope everyone is well!

Take care...

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Where Ever The Wind Blows.....

That truly is where ever my path leads...Sooo many changes! So many things which were planned...Broken...So many things unplanned....Formed....That is just the way it is...Nothing in life is how it seems...But then it can be for the best...

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Wow! Oh my! It has been a while since i update this eh?! Sorry everyone! Especially Mum and Dad! Love You!
If it was not for you, I would not be doing what i am today, So i was you to know that while i have been out here, I have learnt so much and love and respect towards family, And realized maybe i have not been the best of what i could have been in the past....

But dont worry! I promise you! What i learn out here....WILL Make a difference....It what? I dont know...But that is why i am doing this...Ok enough of the soppy stuff...Even Ninja have feelings hahaha and i want happy thoughts...

Oh yea and anyone...My friends Pugz...and Student introduced me to this song "Job 2 do - doo doo doo" youtube...Its Thai Reggae, so dun really understand...But REALLY GOOD Vibes =D...

Ok back to business! Hai! Those of you may or not know, But now i am in New Zealand, MANY changes happen, Things i didnt not plan, So life is better lived by the day i learnt...Destiny is something that we can ALL fulfill...But the paths...There are many...which we take is up to us...

Ok the next blogs from now, I will TRY to remember and describe in brief what has happened over the past 3-4 Months, as its been so long!

Ok So i hope all is well!
Stay tuned for the updates!

Oh ya and just to say, my motivation had died these past few months, My inner energy to train, I dont know what happened, but finally its BACK! The Demons! The will be unleashed....I hope i will be ready....

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Back To Hampi...Super Elite Ninja Spy Mission Begins!

Ninjas....We Are Not Just Good At Martial Arts...Blending In, And Not Showing Our True Origins... That is our art!

semi-overcast 24 °C
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Okay Everyone!

I will be leaving Nepal on 20/08/2009 back to Hampi!, Have spent the past 3 weeks here in Kathmandu, A not bad place...but somewhere more i would say for a group of people...for a few nights out, or a couple etc...Its not really a "travellers" place... Hell of course its nice to come here for a little while check the sites, But to stay in Kathmandu for a while...NOT FUN =D, There is not much to do in terms of passing time...unless you wanna get wrecked all day everyday...But with the training etc...it is not really possible...Dont get me wrong i went to a few big parties (expensive mind you!!!!)...But its not something i wanna do 24/7.....This is my journey for the "Awakening" to happen...

Okay so, im writting this blog to let everyone know and experience what MY ife is really like in Hampi...

Okay so on first arrivals i loved the place...especially the geography! Amazing! and i was liking the small village life, I was helping at the Hampi Childrens Trust (http://hampichildrentrust.com) thats the temp site i made for them...So i have been keeping busy...The children there are great...Hell some have better hand writting than me =D As staying in Hampi longer and spending a BIT too much time with the chillum...i was speaking to a local friend and we had talks on making a restaurant...I saw this as a good opportunity for me to stay away traveling and make money...I would be stuck in the same place for a while..but i still get to stay away from home =D....So after much thinking etc, i finally stepped forward and went with the plan....

Now...Hampi is not the type of place that anyone can stroll into (tourist) and open a business, So i have to be TOP secret, Tis really a dog eat dog place...For example, If other locals found out i was making this business with my friend they would get jealous and think "Why you make business with him and not me"....This is NOT GOOD, as it will cause trouble for me....For example..we all know i like a lil smoke..but i cant smoke in ANY of the many "Chillout" restaurants because then if ppl see i smoke...They will "have" something on me...They can then go to police station and say "Oh this man smokes...he made a restaurant and is selling it through his business"...Then the next thing i will have is police coming every few days for baksheesh (A bribe)...so that they dont report it to the main office...They will control it...and ask for various amounts! each time!... So needing to elude people is the way!

So I have been helping ALOT at the Childrens Trust...so people think "Ahh this man is good etc etc, he is helping at the trust" even saying that, I think there are many people against the Trust...as they dont believe its TRUE cause, because of the amount of donations it receives, they think the money goes more to the co-founders or a scam etc, Now i know ALOT of money goes towards the children, but i dont know how much really comes in etc, So i am in no position to state its true nature...But it has been open for 2 years and the children are doing VERY well so it is a good cause...Anyway...I dare not to dig deeper as its not my path...I have also rented some land with 2 rooms..which i have built a small training area for me...I spend lots of time in there, Hitting the bag, punching wood etc lol, the crazy type of stuff i ALWAYS wanted to try back at home....so some people think also ah he healthy healthy etc, he doesnt smoke...plus most think im crazy with the stuff i do..But thats good for me because they leave me alone =D,

So when i meet many tourists and they chillout in a certain place...its Sooo annoying because i have to be so careful that no one sees me smoke etc, Its stressful times =D...On top of that while building the restaurant (which is nearly finished)...It took alot of my time and i had to make sure i was working at the Trust full power or they would get suspicious lol... So it was crazy times for me but now restaurant is nearly done...i Have started to care less about what people think... I will not work so hard at the trust these days i gave them alot of time, and sometimes felt it wasnt appreciated.... i want to start focusing on training hard again and on the side hopefully make some decent money so that i can continue my travels for a long time yet...

Dont get the wrong idea of me being a "businessman" or what ever....But more like i have seen that various paths have opened for me while being away....And if this works, In the long run...Well i will be able to get to further destinations...and complete my main goal.....Learn Martial Arts! Fight in Competitions Everywhere i go...and if possible! To help people along the way!

So i hope that all makes sense and you all can see a little bit more into how my life be out here...
I think when i finally leave Hampi....The real adventure will begin =D

Thats enough for now people!

Take care all!
And remember...Its a SECRET lol =D


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