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XinQiao/Taining Flood! (Fujian Disaster)

A big flood hit south China, apparently affected the whole province, We were caught in its wrath =/

storm 5 °C
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So here we were at Rising Dragon Martial Arts school on a normal day, the translator Sue, who was a Chinese girl working at the academy, left this morning to go to Fuzhou a town about 6 hours away by train as she was going to do an exam involved with English Speaking. She left at about 8:30am, 2 hours later, wind picked up and it started to rain heavily.

It was raining for days before hand, but today the rain was REALLY bad, then it seemed all hell broke loose hehe, We heard a loud bang (We were training at the time indoors so did not think nothiing of it). Here is what the beautiful area looked like before anything had happened.

Now, take note, this happened only maybe a few days after the Dragon Boat race, So we were lucky we were not caught in the storm while doing the race hahaha. Anyway, after training i remember going back to my room, and i looked over the balcony to see someone taking pictures of the hills, i went to take a closer look and was SHOCKED!!! The small stream that was once there, turned into a ferocious flowing river! As you can see in the pictures below, there was quite a change =X


As you can see, there was quite a difference haha, It was quite a shock, it was so windy also at the time, There were mudslides, trees being washed away down the river, small buildings (rubble from them), It was a disaster.
Quite a few people were in panic, I just remained calm i did not think it would be such a big deal...

We were not allowed to leave the school at this time for our own safety as you can see the road was even over-run with water, So it was simple to see it was not safe to leave. The electricity supply was also cut out, and also there was no running water (Which was a bit of a problem as we needed water to flush toilets haha).

I remember we were eating dinner and some guard rushed to our gates shouting something in Chinese, it was translated as "The Dam is going to burst", many people panicked, we were told to collect our belongs and move to the highest building in the school grounds. We had collected some type of mats to lie on and we all camped up in one room for the night. A few people were getting too worried about thinking how they would get food etc etc, and how long they would get stuck there for. Reggie being Reggie was just living it one step at a time haha =D.

The next day we were told that the Dam was checked and it is safe, and will not burst, but the river was still high and we could not leave the school, we were running low on food, the village nearby managed to bring us some vegetables and rice to keep us going. A few days later the river got alot smaller, though it was not like it was before and the road began to open up, There were numerous army trucks coming along the road to bring supplies, the place was in a mess (I dont know how they got up the road,because at some parts the road was destroyed). Here is what the damage looked like after the river had gotten smaller.

We took a walk to Xinqiao Village to get some snacks as we were told we were allowed to go, but to be careful, walking along the way we could see why there was no power, from what we saw, at least 20-30 power cable poles were destroyed. We even saw a body that was put in this abandoned house (Waiting to get collected?) Also some people carried on a stretcher with blood on their face, My camera had no battery at the time, and of course i would have not taken pictures of such sites. The nearby village was over run with Mud and it was hard o walk, many shops had their stocks destroyed as water was apparently knee deep in the village. It was a disaster for the local people, I will try to get my friend to send me some pics of the village so you can see how it looked.

  • UPDATE 14/11/2010* Here are More Pics i found of the Xinqao Damage and Along the way there*


Scott (The owner of the school) being a good guy got a Petrol powered generator for the school so people could have power at night to charge their items etc etc, maybe he wanted to watch the football also haha.

That was pretty much the events of the disaster crisis, we were without running water for about 1 week and no electricity also, I remember people were collecting the rain water to use for shower water and also for them to boil their kettles at night when we had the generator hehe, Also not to mention to flush the smelly toilets haha.

Phhew what a big one!

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